My name is Kasra:)!

Kasra is one of the Iranian leader’s name and also it’s the name of the famous Arch in ancient Iran in Sasanian course.

I was born on April 5th in 2006 at 8:30 and I still get up early in the morning. i think I am a morning person. I was at home until I was 2 years old and after that I went to kindergarten and I started to care about my hobbies & passions. Before I went to school I have started to do something as my hobbies and I am still interested in some of them , such as learning English professionally which I have been studying English since I was four years old and I will have passed my mover’s exam in four months . I have started to play Karate in Shotokan method since I was six years old in 2012 and I won first, second and third place in my country. Chess is also one of favorites when I was in my kindergarten. More than chess I like swimming which I have been doing it since I was six years old. I often go swimming three times a week with my dad, but he still swims better than me. I know how to swim but I should improve my skills in swimming soon.

I try to work on my modeling as well. I study my lessons hard & I love to be professional in modeling one day & I love to be successful in my career which it was my lifetime ambition and be careful not to forget to study your lessons. Oh sorry! I should have remembered it myself.


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Kasra Shiravand


Height  :(Mar 15)  4’  8.3”

Weight :(Mar 15)  77 ib